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What To Look For When Buying A New Or Used Electronic Keyboard

YAMAHA MOTIF ES8 Electronic Keyboard

Get Your Kids An Electronic Piano Keyboard

If you are a beginner or you are going to get a keyboard for your children, then you don’t need to spend a a lot of money to pick up a first-rate quality, seriously featured electronic piano keyboard. For a used beginner's music keyboard, anything up to fifty pounds will do and if you wish for a new midi keyboard then one hundred pounds will do it.

Useful Features Your Keyboard Should Have

These days musical keyboards at a price range of up to a hundred pounds have lots of functions and if you are in the market for a new keyboard, you will almost certainly get what you require as a beginner. If on the other hand you are buying a second-hand keyboard then you should check out some useful features your keyboard should have. I have listed a some of these features below and they can make the learning process a little bit easier.

Velocity Sensitive Keyboard

Using a velocity sensitive keyboard means you can add a bit of light and shade to your playing. By adjusting the force you apply to the keys will control whether the sound is loud or soft. Press down hard and the sound is loud, press delicately and the sound is soft.

Full Size Keys

Again, most contemporary piano keyboards today possess full size piano keys. Some older electronic piano keyboards may have half size keys. These were introduced to aid young children with smaller fingers to play the musical keyboard more effectively. This of course is more marketing than fact and having half size or mini keys offer no useful assistance to learning whatsoever and I recommend you avoid these types of keyboards if you are serious about learning to play.

Adjustable Keyboard Stand

If you purchase a secondhand portable keyboard, you might be lucky and get a keyboard stand with it. When buying a new keyboard, stands are classed as an optional extra. Still, it's worth the additional expence to get one and if you have youngsters of various ages and sizes, the fact that it's adjustable comes in very handy.
Online Piano Lessons For Beginners

Of course, there are lots and lots of features available on new digital keyboards, some you will find useful some you probably will never use. The great thing is that portable keyboards in the hundred-pound range are specifically designed for the novice and if you take some private or online piano keyboard lessons, you will get a good start.

Casio CTK-720 61 Key Portable Keyboard

Buying Second Hand Casio Electronic Keyboards

If you want to buy an electronic keyboard for yourself, how do you decide which brand to choose.  You need to consider the price of the keyboard, obviously its got to suit your budget and you also want a good make, not a toy and its got to be easy to use, so you don't want a workstation keyboard or a synthesizer.

The ideal solution, especially if you are a beginner is to opt for a used Casio Keyboard. You can easily pick one up for less than a hundred pounds; they are a respected brand and are very easy to use.

61 And 76 Note Casio Keyboards

You should be looking for a minimum of 61 keys on the Casio keyboard of your choice; in fact some of the older WK Casio's have a 76 key keyboard. All Casio's have a generous amount of sound presets including Piano, Brass, Organ and String sounds. They also come with over a hundred Drum Styles and an automatic chord recognition computer built in.

Casio WK-3800 Electronic Keyboard 76 Full Size Keys

Amazon is probably the best place to buy Casio keyboards, there are lots of listing and lots of bargains. Just set your budget, make sure you get a power supply and a stand with the deal and you're all set to go.

electronic keyboards

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Keyboard Songbook

Price £9.95

keyboard songbook


Make your new keyboard skills come alive with these hit songs! This repertoire book of classic hits is specially arranged for easy keyboard, ideal for progression from the Absolute Beginners Keyboard songbook. Each song comes complete with professional quality backing tracks on the CD. The songs are arranged in both treble and bass clefs.


(Everything I Do) I Do It For You
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Candle In The Wind
Eternal Flame
Every Breath You Take
Hey Jude
Money Money Money
Mull Of Kintyre





Easiest Keyboard Collection: Big Chart Hits

Price £9.95

Big Chart Hits


Forty-six hit songs in easy melody line arrangements for all electronic keyboards. Ideal for the beginner, each song has chord symbols, lyrics, suggested registration, rhythm and tempo. Easy-to-follow keyboard diagrams are grouped together at the start of each song and show all the left-hand chord voicings used. Includes songs from Westlife, Anastacia, Coldplay, Travis, Hear'Say, Britney, Atomic Kitten plus many more. 


A Design For Life [Manic Street Preachers]
A Little Respect [Wheatus]
A Woman Is A Sometime Thing
Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) [Carey, Mariah] [Westlife]
Black Coffee [All Saints]
Dancing In The Moonlight [Toploader]
Deeper Shade Of Blue (Steps)
Don't Stop Movin' [S Club 7]
Eternity [Williams, Robbie]
Give Me A Reason (The Corrs)
Go Let It Out [Oasis]
I Want It That Way [Backstreet Boys]
I'm Outta Love [Anastacia]
Keep On Movin' (Five)
Kids [Williams, Robbie] [Minogue, Kylie]
Lift Me Up (Geri Halliwell)
Mr Writer (Stereophonics)
My Love [Westlife]
No Matter What [Boyzone]
Nobody Wants To Be Lonely (Ricky Martin)
One For Sorrow (Steps)
Oops!...I Did It Again [Spears, Britney]
Out Of Reach [Gabrielle]
Praise You [Fatboy Slim]
Pure And Simple [Hear'say]
Rise (Gabrielle)
Run For Cover [Sugababes]
Shining Light (Ash)
Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely [Backstreet Boys]
Sing [Travis]
Sing It Back [Moloko]
So Why So Sad (Manic Street Preachers)
Stronger [Spears, Britney]
Supreme (Robbie Williams)
Survivor (Destiny's Child)
That Don't Impress Me Much [Twain, Shania]
The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh) (Mbube)
The Road To Mandalay (Robbie Williams)
This Year's Love [Gray, David]
Trouble [Coldplay]
Turn [Travis]
Walking Away [David, Craig]
What It Feels Like For A Girl [Madonna]
What Makes A Man [Westlife]
What Took You So Long? [Bunton, Emma]
Whole Again [Atomic Kitten]


Electronic Pianos | Synthesizers | Fender Rhodes Piano

Vintage Fender Rhodes Mark I Stage Piano

Vintage Fender Rhodes Mark I Stage Piano

Electric Pianos And Electronic Pianos

Electric pianos such as the Fender Rhodes Stage Piano should not be confused with electronic pianos of today. The only similarities between the two types are that they are both powered by electricity and they both have a piano keyboard.

1970 Was The Decade For The Electric Piano

It was from the late sixties that the popularity of electric pianos witnessed а surge and that popularity reached its heydays in the seventies, when people went crazy about these instruments.

All those heavy, old, vintage and imposing Looking UN amplified stage pianos were replaced by the electric piano and the Latter was mainly designed and targeted for either school use or home use. Many of these electric pianos were used in school piano labs and college piano labs where several students who use headphones could learn playing the piano simultaneously.

Synthesizer Are Electronic, Electric Piano Are Electro Acoustic

A synthesizer is an electronic instrument. But an electric piano is different, it is electro mechanical. The sounds are produced mechanically and there are pick ups, which convert sounds into electronic signals. It was in the late twenties that the earliest versions of electric piano wee created and launched on the market.

One of the first was the NeoBechstein electric grand piano that was manufactured in 1929. Vivi Tone Clavier created by LloydLoar was perhaps the earliest of the string less models.

These kinds of electric pianos were regularly manufactured until the middle of the eighties and then were gradually discontinued. But an announcement for revival of the electric piano has been declared By Rhodes in 2008.

A Brief History Of The Synthesiser

The beginning of the synthesiser can be traced back the late 19th century but it wasn’t until the 1960s that Moog developed the start of the modern synthesiser. Basically the way a synthesiser works is by manipulating sounds with the use of an oscillator, pitch and filter circuit and then adding that sound to another sound to create new sound. With the use of waveforms such as sine wave, square wave and pulse waves, the user could create new and interesting sounds. This early system created by Moog was know as a modular system and each module could manipulate the sound in a way described above and then connect to another module and then another. Cables were used to connect each module and modular synthesisers were very big, needed lots of cables and were very expensive and extremely complicated to use.

Moog Give Keyboard Players What They Want

In the 1970s the first mini Moog was produced which came with modules already connected internally and access to these could now be achieved with switches and sliders. The keyboard had 44 keys and lots of buttons and sliders and buttons that musicians loved and of course it was cheaper and easier to use. These early synths were monophonic, meaning you couldn’t play a more than one note at the same time, however many keys you pressed only one note would sound, by today’s standards, it’s a bit limiting, but at the time it was just a brilliant new invention to create new kinds of music.

Synthesisers Just Get Better And Better, Or Do They?

By the mid seventies the first polyphonic synth was made and by the eighties more manufacturers were making more complex machines such as the Yamaha CS series of synths with the CS80 being probably the most famous and used by many musicians of the time, I personally had the model after that the Yamaha CS70M. These were 8 note polyphonic and while they were fantastic sounding with lots of user control, they were very heavy (not great when you’re carting it about in a Ford Cortina) and were also notoriously difficult to repair. By the nineties, synthesisers had become more advanced a lot lighter and a lot cheaper. A good example of the next generation would be the Yamaha DX7; this was an FM synth and not very user friendly. The knobs and sliders had gone, the digital generation had arrived and in my opinion the synthesizer had lost something. The older synths were known has analog, and the new ones, even today are digital. There’s something about the sound of the new digital models, there’s something missing, they are too perfect and as everything that is digital today, it either works or it doesn’t, there’s no middle ground. My old CS70M had eight sound module circuit boards, one for each note played; one board developed a fault which meant I could only play seven notes at the same time instead of eight. The point is, as long as I had one board operational the thing would work, I doubt the same can be said for today’s keyboards. Having had my moan about the evil of digital, I have to say that the new modern synths have everything you could ever want from a sound making machine if you are prepared for the steep learning curve, also some manufacturers are bringing back the buttons and sliders that us musos loved in the eighties.

If you want to hear the sounds of the synthesiser as it should be played have a listen to some early Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre and Isao Tomita. Be warned this is seriously good stuff.

Vangelis - Pulstar [Live]

Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene 2

Tomita - Snowflakes Are Dancing

Popular Electric Piano Models

Some of the popular examples of piano manufacturing companies who were famous for creation of these electro acoustic pianos were Yamaha, Wurlitzer, Rhodes etc and а few popular electric piano models were Yamaha CP 70 electric grand piano, Wurlitzer EP 200 A, Hohner Cembalet, Electra piano, Pianet, Clavinet, Rhodes piano.

A few famous musical pieces that were played on electric piano were Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel, Little Jeannie, Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word, Daniel by Elton John etc.






Chord Learning Piano     Accelerate Your Keyboard Playing  Exercises and Tips to Make You Better - Faster. By Dave Limina. DVD.
This DVD will help take your playing to the next level. Dave Limina shares his proven method for improving the fundamental skills required to build your harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic vocabulary. The DVD offers easy-to-understand exercises and demonstrations that can be applied to all levels and styles.

Ultimate Beginner Keyboard Basics
    Ultimate Beginner Series - Keyboard Basic Mega Pack  By With Larry Steelman. With Larry Steelman. For Electronic Keyboard. Electronic Keyboard DVD. The Ultimate Beginner Series. Book, CD & DVD. 44 pages. 
The Ultimate Beginner Series! has helped thousands of aspiring musicians take their first steps towards experiencing the fun of playing music. By combining volumes 1 and 2 on DVD or on two videos with one book and one CD, we now offer the greatest and most convenient learning package for the low price of $24.95
    Performance Practices in Baroque Keyboard Music (with Bonus Lecture on Baroque Dance)  By Maurice Hinson. For Piano. Textbook - Piano (DVD).

Composers in the Baroque period (1600-1750) produced some of the greatest and most exciting keyboard music ever. This captivating DVD looks at conventions and knowledge that help the performer create a more historically informed performance. Organized as a practical aid to today's performers and teachers, basic touches, articulations

    Anthology of Baroque Keyboard Music with Performance Practices in Baroque Keyboard Music  With Bonus Lecture on Baroque Dance. Edited by Maurice Hinson. For Piano. Piano Collection. Alfred Masterwork Edition. Masterwork. Level: Intermediate / Early Advanced. Book & DVD. 248 pages. 
    Rhythm Keyboard Workout  By Andrew D. Gordon. For Piano, Keyboard. Blues, Funk, R&B. Book/DVD. 41 pages.

The Rhythm Keyboard Workout DVD by Andrew D. Gordon gives pianists/keyboardists the opportunity to practice rhythm keyboard techniques over common chord progressions while playing along to rhythm tracks of keyboards, bass and drums in various different contemporary styles including Blues, Rock, Funk and Latin.

    The Complete Absolute Beginners Keyboard Course: Book/CD/DVD Pack  For Keyboard. Absolute Beginners. Level: Beginner. Sheet Music, Audio CD and DVD (Region 0).

This remarkable tutorial pack contains books 1 and 2 from the Absolute Beginners series plus the songbook and fingering charts all in one volume, with 2 CDs of professional backing tracks and a bonus DVD to accompany the first tutor book.


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