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Yamaha Tyros Arranger Keyboard

 Yamaha Tyros arranger keyboard picture



Listen to Demonstrations by Yamaha HERE




Yamaha´s experience and expertise has resulted in a library of sounds that apply our best technology and knowledge to different instrument groups resulting in the best sound! Using revolutionary sampling techniques, the groundbreaking Mega Voice technology captures more than the tone of the instrument – it re-creates the behaviour, so you hear all the elements as when listening to a real instrument. For example, the string and pick noise is part of the natural sound of a guitar – it sounds unnatural without it. Yamaha Mega Voice technology provides open and mute string sounds, dead notes, hammering effects, slide effects, harmonics and a wide range of strum and body noises putting back the missing elements that make most synthesized sounds, well…. sound synthesized!

Live!, Cool! and Sweet! Voices
A huge palette of acoustic and electronically amplified instrument sounds. A blend of long, stereo and multi-layered samples are used to fully capture the natural presence, resonance, expression and vibrato of the real instrument.

Organ Flutes
Tyros not only packs a wealth of preset organ sounds from Theatre to Jazz, Classical to Rock but with the Organ Flutes section, on-screen virtual tone bars let you adjust the individual flute footages – the possibilities become almost endless.

Modern digital keyboards depend on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to create a more natural sounding environment. Yamaha´s experience as a world leader in professional audio brings exclusive technology and the most comprehensive effects available, including multiple simultaneous effects, digital EQ, and even separate effects for the microphone.

Performance enhancing features
Accompaniment Styles

Tyros boasts an exceptionally wide variety of dazzling accompaniment styles – 300 in all. A team of musicians from around the world create Yamaha´s Auto Accompaniment styles and there are specialists for all musical genres ensuring that every nuance is captured to provide a truly authentic backing to your music. The Auto Accompaniment system in Tyros is amongst the most advanced of its kind responding precisely and swiftly to the player´s chord changes resulting in a sophisticated and natural sounding accompaniment pattern.
Tyros also features many different types of accompaniment style:

Pro-styles provide professional and exciting arrangements combined with perfect playability. Session-styles automatically enrich the player´s chords with additional colour notes or even harmonic progressions.

Session-styles are great to harmonically spice up your performance.

Basic-styles cover a wide range of musical genres while the arrangement is kept basic and generic, and therefore extremely versatile.

Music Finder
Simply choose the song you want to play from the huge list of over 1400 built-in titles, and the entire keyboard sets itself up with the appropriate style and a choice of four registrations. You´re instantly a power-user.

One Touch Setting
Each accompaniment style has it´s own collection of four One Touch Settings – simply select any of the four One Touch Setting panel buttons, which will instantly call up the best settings for your choice of music.

Registration Memory
Have you ever run short of Registration Memories? Not anymore! Tyros comes with a seemingly unlimited number of Registration Memories. How many do you need? 1000, 5000, 10000? Just do it!

Designed to `spice up´ a performance with a collection of over 200 one-shot and looped musical phrases that can be triggered at any time.

Realtime Song Control
Song position markers can be placed at any point in a recorded song. This not only lets you navigate quickly and seamlessly through the song, but also allows you to set up convenient playback loops, maybe the songs verse or chorus, which are available at the touch of a button – it´s easy to create exciting, dynamic arrangements on the fly as you perform.

10-Key Operation
Songs, Styles, Voices and other data can be viewed as a list in the display. With 10-key operation simply enter a number of the item you require and it´s instantly selected.

Comprehensive Music Production
Song Creator

The powerful on-board 16-track 1920 clock resolution sequencer enables you to record your keyboard performance in real time or use the Step Record feature to enter each note individually. Easy record provides a speedy and convenient method to record fully arranged songs within minutes – just press REC button like on a cassette recorder, it´s that easy! Naturally, the accompaniment styles can also be recorded as part of your song – and you can even use the Chord Step function to precisely enter chord progressions and pattern variations.

How many times has your recorded song been spoiled by a single wrong note? With Tyros this is a thing of the past, you can use an array of editing tools to repair your song – Punch in and out to replace certain sections or even meticulously modify tiny details using the Step Editor.

Style Creator
Tyros comes with hundreds of professionally arranged styles. In addition to that the Style Creator offers the possibility to adjust existing styles or even to create new styles from scratch. You can even combine parts from different styles and thus create new `hybrid´ accompaniments.

PC Friendly
Managing your data on Tyros couldn´t be easier with the File Utility software for your PC. Using the USB connection, you can quickly copy data to and from the drives in Tyros to your computers hard drive. Tyros even comes with Voice Edit Software for your PC which means you have complete control over voice parameters from your PC!

Sound Creator
Provides an in-depth yet quick and easy method of editing an onboard voice to suit your needs. With this feature you have total control over parameters such as attack, decay and brightness as well as DSP.

Mixing Console
Yamaha is the world leader in digital audio for both live and recording audio mixing consoles; a fully functional digital mixer is included in Tyros for the best sound…. Just the way you like it.

Of course, Tyros can still play all of your existing music software: Tyros can read and play SFF (style), SMF (Song) as well as DOC (song) files. Tyros also supports the sound standards GM, GM2 and XG. A convenient File Converter application for your PC is also included which allows registration data from the PSR8000, 9000 and 9000Pro to be converted and played back on the Tyros.

Full Colours LCD
Tyros features a huge, bright, crisp colour LCD display. The screen angle and contrast can be adjusted for your own viewing comfort. Operating the Tyros is easy and convenient, thanks to the logical and efficient usage of the display.

Guide & Karaoke

TYROS will even supply the sheet music. Displayed on the colour screen, it will produce scores from any standard MIDI song file, including those of your own recordings made on the instrument. With some files it will include lyrics and a bouncing ball for singing along.

Tyros can display the words for songs (lyrics) when using suitable song software, making the instrument ideal for Karaoke parties or professional vocalists alike. Lyrics can be displayed on the built-in Display, or on an external TV or monitor using the Video Out port.

Guide Mode
The Score Function also offers a Guide Mode, which clearly indicates which note is to be played next. The song will wait for you to play the correct note, providing an intuitive and fun way to learn both score structure and keyboard layout also great for learning a new piece.

Vocal Harmony
Connect a microphone and Tyros can transform your voice by adding incredible vocal harmony featuring two or three additional vocal parts. There´s also a range of superb effects, you can even change the gender and tone of your voice!

Karaoke (Video Out)
A great feature to display the content of the colour display on an external monitor. Tyros can even limit the external display to the lyrics pages only – thus all other pages and operations will not be shown on the external display.

Vocal Cue-time
This incredible technology allows you to sing a song at your own pace whilst the accompaniment follows you by waiting for you to sing the next note! This provides an excellent way for a beginner to train their voice whilst the professional user will enjoy unprecedented control over their "backing band."


USB stands for Universal Serial Bus and it is your high speed connection between Tyros and your computer. Via USB an external computer can access the internal drives of Tyros, thus offering a convenient way to organize all kinds of data, like MIDI-files, registrations, styles, etc.

MFC-10 Foot Controller
Freely control a whole host of Tyros´ features directly from the MFC10 without ever taking your hands off the keyboard. The MFC10 is fully programmable and so the keyboard functions it controls can be set to suit your needs.

Multi Outputs
In addition to the Stereo output "Left" and "Right" Tyros also offers 2 individual assignable outputs. Any part, e.g. a particular track of a song or a style, can be assigned to any of the individual outputs, thus allowing a further professional sound processing.

Tyros can easily be expanded as your needs grow. Add an internal hard disk and a huge amount of storage space will become available to you. Save songs, styles, registrations etc. so they are always to hand. You can also backup your Tyros hard disk drive to your PC using the USB connection and bundled PC software.

Speakers (Options)
The detachable speaker set is designed not only to reproduce the exciting sound of Tyros but to provide a wide stereo sound field. There are two adjustable loudspeakers and a sub woofer.


Keyboard 61 keys (C1 - C6), Initial touch / After touch
Tone Generator AWM
Polyphony 128 max.
Voices Preset Voices 403 Voices
(393 Normal + 10 Mega)
+ 10 Organ Flute + 480 XG Voices + 256 GM2 Voices + 31 Drum Kits + 5 SFX Kits
Mega Voices Steel Guitar, Hi String Gtr, 12Str Guitar, Clean Guitar, Overdrive, Distortion, Acoustic Bass, Finger Bass, Pick Bass, Fretless Bass
Sweet! Voices Oboe, Violin, Harmonica, Mandolin, New Alto Sax, Mute Trumpet, Flugel, Horn, Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Trumpet, Flute, Soprano Sax, Trombone, Pan Flute
Live! Voices French Horn, Sax Section, Steel Guitar, Grand Piano, Brass Section, Nylon Guitar, Strings, Gospel Choir
Live! Drums Live! Studio, Live! Standard, Live! Funk, Live! Brush, Live! Percussion
Cool! Voices Clean Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Vintage E .Guitar, E. Piano, Jazz Organ
Sound Creator Unlimited *1
(Saved in User Drive, FD or HD.)
Custom Voice Normal Voice: 128 max. *2,
Drum Voice: 10 max. *3
Orchestration Upper Upper Right1, Right2, Right3
Lower Lower Left Hold function available.
Split Point (LEFT) F#2
Split Point (STYLE) F#2
Effects Reverb 34 presets + 3 users
Chorus 26 presets + 3 users
DSP Effect For Style 183 presets + 3 users
DSP Effect for R1/R2/R3/Left 183 presets + 10 users
DSP Effect for Mic 183 presets + 10 users
Poly/Mono Portamento Time is adjustable in Mono mode.
Vocal Harmony 60 presets + 10 users
(Polyphony: 3 max.)
Mic Effects Noise Gate x 1,
Compressor x 1,
3 Band EQ x 1
Harmony/Echo 17 presets
Master EQ (5 Band) 5 presets + 2 users
Part EQ (2 Band) 29 parts
(R1, R2, R3, LEFT, STYLE x 8, SONG x 16, M.PAD)
Master Compressor (3 Band) 5 presets + 5 users
(Gain (3 Band) adjustable)
Touch Response 5 presets
(Off level adjustable)
Tempo 5 - 500
Transpose -12 – 0 – 12
(Assignable Keyboard/Song/Master)
Tuning 414.8 – 440Hz – 466.8
Upper Octave -1, 0, +1
Part Octave -2, -1, 0, +1, +2
Auto Accompaniment Preset Style 300 (10 categories)
User Style Unlimited *1
(Saved in User Drive, FD or HD.)
Style Selection Control Preset, User/Disk
Disk Direct Yes
Format Style File Format
(Max. Style File size: 120KB)
Control Intro x 3,
Fill In x 4,
Break x 1,
Main x 4,
Ending x 3,
Fade In/Out, Tap Tempo, Fingered Mode
One Touch Setting 4/Style (Fully programmable.)
Music Finder 1,446 records (Fully programmable. Up to 2,500 records.)
Multi Pad Control Pad 1/2/3/4, Stop
Bank Unlimited *1
(Saved in User Drive, FD or HD.)
Song Playback Playback Disk Direct Playback
(Quick Start function available.)
Selection Selection Control I/II/III/IV/V/VI
(Chain, Random and Next reservation are available.)
Playback Control SP1/SP2/SP3/SP4/Loop
(Jump up to 4 song positions (programmable). Loop playback available.)
Number of Songs Unlimited *1
(Saved in User Drive, FD or HD.)
Tracks 16
Number of Recording 1 song at a time
(Quick Record, Multi Track Record, Step Record, Chord Step)
Capacity Approx. 35,000 notes
Resolution 1,920 clocks per quarter note
Registration Memory 8 switches / unlimited *1
(Saved in User Drive, FD or HD.)
Language 6 languages
Display Display Backlit full-graphic LCD
(7.8 inches, 640 x 480 dots)
Lyrics Format: XF, TUNE1000
Score Format: SM
Selection Control Direct / 10-key
(10-key selection is available for Voice/Style/Song/Multi Pad/Registration Memory.)
Disk Storage Format XG/XF/GM/GM Level 2 (SMF),
DOC/Piano Player (ESEQ),
Style File Format (SFF)
User Drive User Drive 3.3MB
(Up to 250 files & folders per folder)
Floppy Disk Drive Floppy Disk Drive 3.5" 2HD/2DD
(Up to 250 files & folders per folder. In the Root Directory, up to 224 files & folders (2HD) or 112 files & folders (2DD))
Hard Disk Drive Hard Disk Drive 2.5-inch HD
(Internal, optional. Up to 250 files & folders per folder.)
Demonstrations 6 languages
(Overview, Voice, Style and Functions)
Help 6 languages
Terminals MIDI MIDI A (IN/OUT),
Control FOOT PEDAL 1 (Sustain)
/ 2 (DSP Variation)
/ 3 (Volume), Function assignable.
USB USB Slave x 1
(USB Ver 1.1)
Video Out NTSC/PAL Composit
(LCD mirror or Lyrics display selectable.)
Audio Phones
Loop Send (L/L+R, R)
Line Out Main (L/L+R, R), Sub (1/2)
AUX In/Loop Return (L/L+R, R), Trim Vol.
To Sub Woofer L/R, To Left/Right Speaker
Mic/Line In
(Dynamic Mic (Imp.: 250 ohm) recommended. Trim, Input Volume, Signal/Over Indicator.)
Power Supply AC (Inlet)
/Weight Dimensions 1,140 (W) x 428 (D) x 137 (H) mm
(without Music Rest, Speakers and other projections)
Weight 12.4 kg
Options Speakers TRS-MS01
Foot Switch FC4/5
Foot Controller FC7
Headphones HPE-150/HPE-160
Stand L-7/L-7S
Hard Disk Drive 2.5-inch IDE
(Max. Height: 12.7 mm.
Max. Capacity: approx. 40 GB.
(Logical size: approx. 137 GB))
Because the file is saved in User Drive, FD or HD, the maximum number is limited according to the capacity of the drive and the maximum number of files & folders in a folder.
The number of voices differs according to the selected voice and/or way of editting. For example, if Live! GrandPiano is selected and saved as it is, up to 94 voices can be saved.
The number of voices differs according to the selected voice and/or way of editting. For example, if Live! Standard Kit is selected and saved as it is, up to 10 voices can be saved.

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