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Yamaha Tyros 2 Arranger Keyboard

 Yamaha Tyros 2 arranger keyboard picture

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Bursting with innovation, the spectacular Tyros 2 obliterates the limits faced by traditional keyboards. With a host of new features which will satisfy both the home player and the most demanding professional, Tyros 2 is the most powerful digital keyboard ever.

Taking sonic realism to even greater levels, `Super Articulation` adds unique performance characteristics to a range of orchestral voices. 400 styles, featuring new MegaVoices and stereo drum samples, organs, electric pianos and pad sounds create an awesome sound field. Also available is a host of new organ sounds and styles from Theatre and Classical through to Jazz and Rock.

-- 504 Voices, including brand new Super Articulation Technology
-- 400 Accompaniment Styles powered by MegaVoice
-- Hard Disk Recorder (with optional hard disk drive)
-- One Touch Setting and Music Finder provide instant professional sounds.
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Used primarily in MIDI recording, the MegaVoices provide enhanced realism and expression for your songs. They make special use of velocity switching, with completely different sounds in the various velocity ranges. For example, a guitar MegaVoice has mutes, slides and finger noise assigned to different velocity ranges, making the voice difficult to "play" in real time, but very useful when creating realistic MIDI tracks. Special MEGAEnhancer software Tyros 2 (free download) automatically converts your conventional song data for MegaVoice use.

The Tyros 2 has over 500 dynamic, realistic Voices, covering virtually every instrument category in the real world, as well as other-world-like sounds! The Organ Flutes section has a wealth of organ sounds from Theatre to Jazz and Classical to Rock, while the special Live!, Cool! and Sweet! categories give you a huge palette of acoustic and electronic instrument Voices, using stereo and multilayered samples to fully capture the natural presence, expression and vibrato of the real instruments.

Tyros 2 has a comprehensive set of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) tools, effects that let you enhance the sound with the recreated ambience of a concert hall or the warmth of chorusing, or even a rich rotary speaker effect. Versatile EQ processing gives you fine control over the overall tone and timbre. Plus, there are many special effects you can use, such as Distortion, Auto Wah and Pitch Change, to completely transform the sound of each Voice.

Super Articulation
Introducing a completely new level of sonic realism and musical expressiveness. The remarkably authentic Voices feature the unique performance characteristics of each instrument, the expressive finger-slides on the guitar, or the breathy, legato phrasing of a saxophone. Never before have string, wind and brass instruments, played live with a keyboard, sounded so convincing or so real!

Styles and Multi Pads
If you`re looking for a pro backing band to support your performance, the Tyros 2 has everything you could ask for, and more. The 400 built-in accompaniment Styles, each with 15 different sections, and the versatile real-time controls give you the power to perform fully arranged songs, instantly, intuitively and interactively. To spice up your performance, use the Multi Pads to trigger a wide selection of one-shot phrases and special loops while you play.

Music Finder
When you want to play in a certain genre of music but don`t know which settings to choose, what can you do? Music Finder has the answer. It features over 1,800 preset records, each with its own specially selected Style and Voice settings and choice of four registrations.

One Touch Settings
This versatile performance feature provides four specially programmed settings for each Style. Simply select the Style you want, then press one of the One Touch Setting buttons, and the Tyros 2 is instantly reconfigured, with the proper Voices and effects, for playing in that style of music.

Registration Memory
Eight Registration Memory presets give you instant, total recall of your favorite panel settings, including which song and Style are selected, and which Voices are assigned to the keyboard.

Vocal Harmony
Connect a microphone, and let the Tyros 2 automatically add backup singers to your voice! The added vocal harmony parts instantly follow the chords you play, and you can even select different harmony styles to match the music.

FSX keyboard
The Tyros 2 features the highest quality synthesizer keyboard we`ve ever made: the FSX keyboard. Physically, the keys are of high-precision manufacture and offer greater durability than conventional models. Most importantly, however, the keyboard has enhanced touch response, making it the most expressive and musical keyboard in its class.

Song Creating
Thanks to the built-in 16-track MIDI sequencer, the Tyros 2 is truly a songwriter`s delight. Record your keyboard performance in real time or use the Step Record feature to enter each note individually. There`s even an Easy Record function that lets you instantly record fully arranged songs, including accompaniment styles, just pres REC and START/STOP! Use the quantize features to automatically clean up the timing of your performance, and replace specific song sections with the easy Punch In/Out recording function.

Style Creating
The accompaniment power of the Tyros 2 extends far beyond the hundreds of professionally arranged built-in styles of the instrument. With the versatile Style Creator feature, you can change the content of existing styles or even create your own new, original styles from scratch. Or combine various parts from different styles and come up with unusual "hybrid" accompaniments.

Voice Creating
Voice Creator and Voice Set are two powerful features that let you craft your own Custom Voices. Voice Creator allows you to import your own audio samples and waveforms, and assign them to the keys as desired, letting you build completely new Voices with completely new sounds. Voice Set gives you tools for editing a Voice, changing its filter, envelope and vibrato settings, as well as making modulation assignments and adjusting the EQ and effects.

Hard Disk Recorder
Directly record the sound of the Tyros 2 to an optional installed hard disk drive as digital audio data, for pristine, absolutely noise-free audio quality. Naturally, you can record your voice, guitar or other acoustic and electric instruments as well, and mix them with the Tyros 2 sound. Overdub additional parts as desired to the stereo track, too. And if you have a computer and audio editing software, edit the sound file as needed, and then re-import it to the Tyros 2.

Connect to computer
You`ll find that the Tyros 2 is extremely computer friendly. The built-in USB connections let you freely exchange and save your important data, and use your computer to take full control over the Tyros 2 features. A single USB connection lets you access both MIDI ports, for up to 32 channels of MIDI recording. Two separate USB TO DEVICE terminals are included, one on the front panel, for convenient connection of storage devices such as USB memory sticks.

Extensive software
Connect to a computer and extend the musical potential of the Tyros 2. Included with the instrument is the Tyros 2 Voice Editor, which provides comprehensive, eay-to-use control over the voice and effect parameters. Data is transferred between the computer and Tyros 2 in real time, so you can play the voice as soon as you`ve edited it. Another versatile tool is the MEGAEnhancer for Tyros 2 (free download), which converts conventional MIDI song data for use with the amazing MegaVoices.

Naturally, the Tyros 2 is backwards compatible with the original Tyros and can play all of your existing music software, reading and playing SFF (style), SMF (song) as well as DOC (song) files. Tyros 2 also supports the sound standards GM, GM2 and XG. A convenient File Converter application for your PC is also included which allows registration data from the PSR-9000 and 9000Pro models to be converted and played back on the Tyros 2.

Online, On-demand Music (IDC)
Bring your Tyros 2 online and tap into the worldwide music network! Yamaha has created a new, essential online service for musicians everywhere: Internet Direct Connection (IDC). IDC lets you connect the Tyros 2 directly to the Internet, without a computer, letting you delve into thousands of MIDI songs on our custom website, and download your favorite music for playback on the Tyros 2.

Large color display
One of the first things you notice about the Tyros 2 is its beautiful extra-large, full-color, high-resolution display. The adjustable display tilts up for ease in viewing, and shows all important settings and parameters at a glance. The display signal can also be sent to an external monitor, perfect for sing-along events and houses of worship.

Score and Lyrics display
When we gave the Tyros 2 an extra large display, we decided to give it some extra display features as well. These include display of the song notation (score) and lyrics (for songs that have score and lyric data). A special Text display function allows you to show text files you`ve created on your computer, making it possible to display lyrics for songs that don`t have lyric data, or for creating your own onscreen chord charts and song memos.

Making learning fun and easy
The Tyros 2 also has a wealth of features that enhance your music studies, making it both fun and easy to learn new songs. There are keyboard guide functions that pause song playback and wait for you to play the correct notes. There`s even a bouncing ball in the display that shows you in real time what melody notes to play. Tyros 2 has convenient performance and learning features for singers as well, adding to your playing enjoyment.

As your musical needs grow, the Tyros 2 can grow with them. Install a hard disk drive inside the instrument and gain massive storage capability for your Custom Voices, Styles, Registrations and song data, as well as storage for audio created with the Hard Disk Recorder function. Add the optional TRS-MS02 speakers with subwoofer, and enjoy a full, self-contained keyboard system. For maximum expressive potential and easy program changes, hook up the MFC10 MIDI foot controller.

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