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Ketron SD1 PLUS Arranger Keyboard

 Ketron SD1 arranger keyboard graphic

Listen to the Ketron demos here






The Ketron SD1 is dedicated to all musicians who demand amazing performance, the best sound quality, ease of use together with complete integration of audio files and sampled loops on MIDI files and the Arranger. The Instrument will make your performance even more effective, exciting and musical.

New Keyboard

Ketron SD1 features a new design in keyboard actions; 76 beautifully balanced, semi-weighted keys with velocity and after touch functions. Six preset response curves for dynamics and a further six that can be freely programmed by the user. Portamento, Legato, Harmony and Octave functions are also included. Both Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheels can be assigned to control parameters such as Wha Wha, Bend, LFO, DCA, Cut Off, Morphing and Rotor.

New Sound generation

The Ketron SD1 is equipped with a new sound generator that exploits a wavetable of 48 MB ROM PCM filled with amazingly realistic sampled sounds.
The Ketron SD1 keyboard offers 310 Preset Orchestral sounds, amongst which are a superb new Stereo Grand Piano, awesome new electro-magnetic Organ timbres, acoustic and electric Guitars, Sax, Brass, Accordion, plus a complete section of solo acoustic instruments featuring natural vibrato.
The instrument also provides 128 User Voices where the timbre modifications can be saved, thanks to the professional Voice Editor, 128 Programs with up to four timbres each on the Right section, with the option of including Velocity Switch, Cross Switch and Morphing between timbres, sixteen Digital Drawbars timbres with Click, Percussion, Vibrato and Rotor to reproduce even the most desirable classic timbres of the jazz organ.
Along with the main voice, the Right section can also include a Second Voice, again available and programmable within the Program menu.
Over 1000 drum sounds are arranged in 24 Drum Sets and 50 Live Drums. 24 User Drum Sets can be completely programmed by the user along with the additional new samples in .WAV format.

The RAM Sounds

16 MB of integrated RAM (standard) can be utilized to load audio files in .WAV format, multiple sample in .MSP format, Drum Sets with audio samples and instrument files in .INS format. The latter belong to proprietary libraries for easy integration into a specific performance.
The sounds loaded in RAM can be further exploited within the Programs to achieve completely new sounds, or be combined with the arranger to replace the internal voices.
The sounds can be loaded in RAM individually for each single file or in groups of number of files, with the opportunity of loading them automatically when the instrument is turned on.
The RAM is also shared with the standard sampler (44.1 kHz/16 bits) offering Loop, Zoom, Zero Crossing, Pitch, Sync and Multiple Sampling (MPS), giving a maximum of 62 samples spread over the keyboard. The MPS can also be used to create new Drum Sets.
Thanks to the built-in Hard Disk, audio file management is achieved very quickly.

A more powerful Arranger

The Ketron SD1 automatic Arranger section offers 307 Custom Styles of which 109 are stored in Flash RAM and can be replaced with your own list of preferred Styles.
The arrangements and the rhythm structures are uniquely realistic and harmonically smooth thanks to years of worldwide musical research.
You can really feel every single nuance of the "live" rhythm section, from the brushes of a jazz percussionist, through the flaring percussion instruments of a Latin group.
Realistic Style and Sound is the idea that will revolutionize the concept of automatic arrangements. Thanks to the built-in sample and to the compatibility with audio files in .WAV format, the Ketron SD1 can synchronize an audio loop with the rhythm section of a Style and the .WAV file is automatically loaded as soon as the Style is called up!
The innovative Interactive Arranger function means that the arrangement can be made even more dynamic by activation of deactivation the arrangement traces according to the lead played by the Right section. Up to 999 Styles can be directly loaded from disk even while you are playing, either individually or in groups, with very short standby times (1-2 seconds approx.).
The built-in RAM can load up to 64 styles.
New controls over the Arranger have been added such as Multifill, Accelerando/Ritardando, Tap Tempo, Live Snare and Fill to End.
The Lower sections can be programmed in terms of timbre, volume and octave.
Style editing (Pattern Edit) allows the user to program all the traces, including that used for the Live Drum and permits you to create new Styles, also by copying parts of existing Styles.

New structure for the Hard Disk

The built-in Hard Disk (6 GB) handles 99 Folders of which 8 are dedicated to use with the Master Folder, a new function that has been added to make it much easier to search, save and manage any file created on, or compatible with the SD1.
The Master Folder divides the files into categories: MIDI file, Styles, Sounds, Registrations, Txt, Programs, User Files, Demo & Hits.
Each Folder can store up to 999 files arranged in alphabetical order, but distinguished permanently by a progressive number that is assigned when the file is entered.
The whole contents of the Hard Disk can be managed and organized also via PC thanks to proprietary software that exploits the Computer interface port (the connecting cable is optional).
Software and Drivers for the Ketron SD1 are freely available at the following sites: and


The Ketron SD1 offers a powerful section of effects, equipped with three independent DSP's with over 64 programmable effects. New Reverb algorithms have been developed for the rhythm section and the modulation effects of Chorus, Distortion, Equalizer, Wha Wha, Enhancer, Overdrive, Bass Boost, Delay and Rotor have been improved.
The instrument features two independent microphone inputs (XLR balanced and 1/4" unbalanced) processed by the internal DSP's and a Vocalizer with sixteen Vocal Sets to harmonize the voice according to 5 different modes.
The Vocalizer effects can be assigned to Left, Right and Midi channel for Midi files programmed with Vocal track.
The keyboard has a separate audio output for the signal processed by the Vocalizer in order to balance the voice output with an external mixer. The Arranger and the Vocalizer are perfectly integrated thanks to the Vocalizer To Arranger function.

MIDI file Player/Sequencer

Some of the concepts of the Arranger have also been implemented for the first time in the reproduction of the MIDI files. The Intelligent Transpose enables the intelligent transposition of the MIDI files, also keeping the normal extension of the bass trace, to adapt a piece in male tonality to female tonality and vice versa without problems.
The Ketron SD1 is the first electronic keyboard to synchronize an audio file the a MIDI file in such a simple and clear manner. You can change the tempo of the MIDI file without the audio material undergoing sudden variations of intonation, and transpose the MIDI file with the sample changing its duration. Thanks to the Autoloading function, when the MIDI file is called up, the relative associated audio sample will also be loaded, thus considerably simplifying the management of the required files.

The Ketron SD1 obviously reads and converts the MIDI files in .KAR format (karaoke) so that its text can be displayed on the screen divided in syllables.
The new Demo & Hits function has been added to further simplify the use of MIDI files, featuring a typical management function, which enables instantaneous access to 999 Songs by directly recording everything played on the SD1 in MIDI file format, including the Arranger.
The Sequencer can store up to 150,000 notes on sixteen traces with Quantize, Demix, Mix Down, Micro Edit and Logical Edit functions.
To reproduce MIDI files some handy functions such a Lead On/Off, Drum & Bass and Lyrics On/Off have been added. Improvement to the search function for MIDI files on Hard Disk - now simply type in the first letters of the title.
Switching over from the playing of the MIDI file to the use of the Arranger is easy and immediate.
The Save Song Set-up function is used to modify the main parameters of a MIDI file and to save them again on disc, and also to save all the settings of the Right section, Drum Mixer and Vocalizer.
An optional Video Interface is foreseen enabling the connection to TV sets or monitors.

TXT Files: the music stand built in the display.

The Ketron SD1 has been designed above all for stage players. It is rather awkward to have sheets of paper flying about or bulky files of song words. The SD1 solves the problem by its total compatibility with text files (TXT) that can be easily displayed. A TXT file can also be combined and synchronized with a MIDI file without text directly on the SD1.

It's all under control: Registrations

Great attention has been given to making it much easier to call up the files and voices required to play live. Registrations, special memories dedicated to storing all the panel settings, are used to call up everything needed with the press of a button: the Style, the .TXT file, the Sounds, the MIDI file and the Effects. Registrations are your password to automating the Ketron SD1.

User interface and connections

The keyboard offers a new simplified user interface, very straightforward and intuitive.
The One Touch function is used to call up the 80 preferred voices, arranged and selected from the Presets, User Voices or Programs.
48 Style Setting memories are available to combine a style with the ten more frequently used timbres for the Right section.
The Power On Set-up function has been added to pre-arrange all the parameters of the SD1 when turning the instrument on.
The original configuration of the instrument can always be restored by means of a set of Reload files.
The Ketron SD1 includes all the parameters required to connect a MIDI accordion, or to change to the new Arabic and MIDI Pedalboard modes.
Together with two MIDI In's, one MIDI Out and one MIDI Thru, the Ketron SD1 has four separate audio outputs that can be totally configured and a connection for the Volume, Sustain and Footswitch Pedal.
Future updates of the operational system may be downloaded from the web site and and installed via Floppy Disk.

Ketron SD1: Music and Feeling

Ketron's philosophy is and always has been that of creating musical instruments that incorporate advanced technologies, musical realism and expressiveness.
The Ketron SD1 has been designed for live music players, for those who create professional arrangements, for those who really love playing and obviously for all those who have stage performance and creativity in their blood.


76 weighted keys .After touch. 6 Velocity Curves.


64 notes. 32 multitimbral.


48 Mbyte PCM ROM. 310 Presets, 350 GM Voices. 128 User Voices. 80 One Touch setting. PCM, Analog, FM Voicing. 16 digital Drawbars. Up to 1000 Drum Percussion Sounds.


16 Mbyte RAM Sounds. Single & Block Sound loading. Files .Wav, .Msp and .Ins supported. Sounds Autoloading.


307 Custom Styles: 109 Flash rewritable - 198 ROM. Up to 999 instant access Disk Styles. Up to 64 RAM Styles. 48 Style setting. Single and Block Style loading. Style&Sound loading. 4 Arrangers, 3 Intros/Endings, 3 Fills Ins, Break, Fill To End. Multi-Fill function. Interactive accompaniment. Manual Bass. Jump. Arrange Lock. Wav. file synchronized with tempo. Tap tempo. Accelerando/Ritardando. Tempo Slow/Fast. Pedalboard.


24 internal Drum Sets. 24 User Drum Sets. 24 Live Drum Sets. Controls: Volume, Reverb, Panpot. Drum on/off switches. Manual Drums. Drum Mixer. 10 Drum Sections. Ram sounds assignable to User Drum Set.


128 Programs. 4 voices, 4 splits, Effects, Sustain, Portamento, Expression. Modes: Duet, Trio, Steel, Morphing. Velocity Switch.


2nd Voice programmable for each Preset and User Voice.


SMF Song playback. Real Time song recording. Songs with lyrics, karaoke and files Txt. Conv Transposer. Song list. Song Chain. Song & Sound loading. Wave Sync. Demo & Hit folder. Alphabetical Drum & Bass. Lead Off.


Up/Down +/- 1 Octave.


Pull, Jazz, Double, 5th, Bluegrass, Trill, Repeat.


Rate control +/- 64- Mono Legato function.


+/- 24 half tones


Assignable to Cut off, Volume, Bend, Slide, LFO, Attack, Threshold and Sensitivity control.


LFO to Pitch, to DCF, to DCA, Wha Wha, Swell, Rate. Rotor speed control.


Tune +/- 99 Cents . Vibrato On/Off. Bend value 0/24. Bend to LFO, DCF, DCA.


Tune +/- 99 Cents . Vibrato On/Off. Bend value 0/24. Arabic set ups foot switch assignable.


International, Belgique. Left/Right velocity control. Bass octave. Bass Sustain. Bass to Chord recognition, Lower octave. Left drum to Bass & Chord.


3 digital multi effects DSP's. 60 differents effects, Reverberation, Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Wha Wha, Distortion, Overdrive. Rotor, Equalizer +/- 12 dB (Low, Middle, High). 16 User Effects.


16 Mbyte sampling 16 Bit - 44.1 kHz. Sample editor. Multisampler editor. Files .Wav Sync to Style.


Vocalizer unit. Harmonizer. Vocoder, Melody types. MIDI Vocalist track. Left&Right assign .Reverb,Delay,Transpose,Level,Hold.


2 Micro input: XRL Balanced, Mono Jack. 2 Micro Out to external mixer. Level Pan Pot, Echo, Reverb, Pitch Shift +/-12, Dry.


In1, In2, Out, Thru. 32 MIDI channels. General MIDI Standard.


16 Tracks, 150.000 notes.


3.5 2DD/HD.


Type ATA IDE 2.5. 6 Gbyte. Up to 99 folders. 999 files for folder. Master folder. MIDI files, Styles, Programs, Registrations, Demo&Hit, Txt, User, Sounds. Hard Disk backup to PC.


240 X 128 Pixel backlit graphic TCF


Out 1Left/Mono. Out 2Right. Out 3. Out 4. Sustain Pedal. Footswitch (6 or 13 switches).


GM/Keyboard Out assignment to 4 audio Outputs.


Stereo headphone. MicroXRL. Micro Jack. Micro Gain control.


Video Interface. Volume Pedal. Volume Pedal 4 switches. Sustain pedal. Footswitch FS6 - FS13.


Interface Cable & Software.


119 x 39 x 12 Cms


Kg 16.5 Lbs 36.5

Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.

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